On the martyrdom of the heroic peasants of Kalinganagar

“Where there is repression there is resistance”- Chairman Mao


Well done, well done ! Heroic peasant masses of Kalinganagar of Orrissa’s Jajpur district ! We greet your daring resistance struggle by shedding your blood and burning the fire of class hatred against cruel and draconian repression of Orrissa government and its police who are the representatives of the interests of the imperialists, the rich classes. We give millions of red salutes to heroic martyrs. And we condemn those henchmen. Today in the interest of the imperialists by driving the roller of globalisation, under the slogan of development sometimes in the name of urban development and health city, sometimes in the name of industrialisation the peasants are losing their lands, workers are losing their work and the life of the people has became unbearable. For that every parliamentary government be it central or state and their administration do not waver in the minimum in draconian repression or conspiracy. And this very fact has been proved again on the 2nd January by the blood shed of the landless homeless tribal peasant masses of Kalinganagar.

But the present era is a new historic era, the era of Chairman Mao, when the doom of imperialism has started, then even if they temporarily appear to be dangerous, desperate. Today everywhere in the world the struggling people as the Third Power in addition to the Communist power are fighting with courage, holding their heads high against imperialists and their running dogs. History has repeatedly proved the very quotation of Chairman Mao – Imperialists and all reactionaries are paper tigers. Today small Iraq is making the hearts of imperialists tremble. Today is not the day to remain passive before repression. Revolution is the main trend today. Immortal martyr Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar has taught us : peasants are not water, they are kerosene. He has taught us more, People of our country are not cowards; they never back tracked in laying their lives for a great cause. He has said ” This is a big country. Today the people of this country are being crushed by exploitation and repression. Exploiters and exploited, these two camps are standing face to face gradually. Resentment is being built in the exploited masses, the people will not tolerate exploitation for long. The people’s resentment will explode spontaneously at many places. When the people of this country will explode with resentment, then this reactionary government will have no power to suppress it.” He said more : ” from Bihar to Gujarat this broad middle region is populated by tribal people. There is no limit to exploitation of these tribal people. The workers of the industrial area of Maharastra are being exploited extremely. The form of exploitation over the peasants of Mysore is fearfull, same is the condition in different regions of the south. When and what form the resentment of these exploited people of our country will take, cannot be calculated in advance.” How correct is Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar has again been proved in Kalinganagar. So exploitation is followed by its befitting reply, the revisionists have no power to stop the people by confusing them. What happened at Kalinganagar is a chill reminder to the apologists of globalisation, who are none other than the running dogs of imperialism. That is why the government of Orrissa has back tracked, seeing that face of the people and it is talking of compensation to passify the anger and hatred of people and to save the skin of its masters. But what compensation by shedding the blood of martyrs ? Only the people and revolutionaries can honour the martyrs by fulfilling the dreams of the martyrs. The incident of Kalinganagar has again proved that people are revolutionary and they want revolution, they are ready for revolution; the need of the hour is correct leadership. So the whole country has reverberated with condemnation of that cruel repression and draconian murders, and the same time people demand the Party’s conscious role. Immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar who has uphold the torch light of Chairman Comrade Mao Tsetung and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao in the struggle of agrarian revolution which is the main axis of the People’s Democratic Revolution. So come, let us hold it still higher under the guidance of Leader of our heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee against all forms of revisionism, right and extreme left deviations uncompromisingly, and uniting different forms of struggle of the people against repression and oppression with the struggle to liberate India. We must be victorious, the martyrs who have shed their blood during struggle against imperialism, struggle against feudalism, peasant movements, worker’s movement, mass movement, food movement, struggle against communalism and national hatred, Naxalbari agrarian revolution and its development and battlefields of the whole world, their dreams must come true, their dreams must become reality. India and world of their dreams must become a reality. Future is bright. The speed of history is irresistable.

4th January 2006

Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Personally built by immortal martyr respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder and led by leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee