On the victims of Tsunami

Our most beloved people and comrades,

We pay our deep reverence to those lakhs and lakhs of people, who have been devoured by the recent oceanic high waves “Tsunami”. It is an irrepairable loss. And those who have survived anyhow are living under unbearable and horrific condition, which cannot be expressed in words. This calamity is not only a national one, but it is an international phenomenon, because many countries have experienced this shock. Naturally it is our most important and sacred task to stand by the side of those devastated people, because we never see the interest of revolution, the interest of Party differently from the interest of the people. The teaching of the Great Leader of world proletariat Chairman Mao is that we live for the people, we die for the people. He has taught us to serve the people with all our might. Thousands and thousands of martyrs have lived their lives in the interest of the people and set the examples again and again of supreme sacrifice. So, our Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has taught us “People’s interest is Party’s interest.” We know that you are very anxious to reach to, to stand by the side of the devastated people. In the mean time many of you have extended your hands within your capability. Moreover many of you have an earnest desire to do something more than your capability, this is a fact. We have also vowed to fulfill this task. Whatever is given to us as your warm hearted support, we will accept it not as a compassion, not as a relief, but as a brother standing by the side of his sister, brother-sister, friend by the side of a friend as a sacred support for the dearest ones. And we are taking responsibility to handover your support to the devastated masses as soon as possible. Our small endeavour in comparison to this monumental loss may be nominal, may be like building setu-bandh with sand carried by the tail of a squirrel. But by handing over this warm-hearted support from the dearest ones to the devastated people, we feel ourselves very gratified. With revolutionary greetings

Central Committee



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