The year ’85 is approaching. Immortal martyr Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar had the dream of essaying the epic of the liberation in that very year of the ’75 which was a reality, which was based on facts, which was on the basis of the then concrete conditions and it was his assertion; we could not fulfill the same.

We could not fulfill those conditions (‘subjective’-editor Mao Wave) in that very way which were called upon us. The condition was very much matured. Hence, the Immortal martyr Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar asserted on the basis of the overall situation that the very year ,75 would be the year of essaying the epic of the liberation. But we could not fulfill all those very conditions.

The year ahead is ushering with the possibility of a great victory. The Enemies-the revisionists, the reactionaries have been spreading the frustration and confusions in the minds of the revolutionaries which is an international conspiracy. The products of this election is the manifestation of this very international conspiracy. The product of this election is a vile attempt to undermine the revolutionary works and to magnify the works of the reactionaries in the eyes of the people. Hence, we regard it as an international conspiracy. Whatever events take place in the political life of India – all of them must be taken into account from the point of view of the international outlook. Even any event in the camp of the enemy must be reckoned as an international conspiracy of the imperialism, social imperialism. And any incidence in the camp of the people must be taken into account as the result of the international revolutionary working programmes.  In this respect it must be divided into two.

India is the heaven of the plunderers. The triumph of the revolution in India is most closely connected with the triumph of the world revolution. Death life of the imperialism, social imperialism has been depending upon the revolution of India. They will try to survive, as such, they will always be after as how to smash the revolution of India. That is why they try to generate frustration in the mind on the revolutionaries, and they attempt to do so not only in the ranks of the C.P.I(M-L) and in the minds of them who are under that very banner but also in the minds of the broad masses who are outside the fold of this Party. For the people are revolutionary and the people cherish the revolution. Hence, the result of this times election must be reckoned as a deep routed conspiracy aimed at generating frustration among the people. They have hatched this conspiracy in the name of ‘national integration’, in the name of opposing  the ‘secessionism’, in the name of  stalling the ‘terrorism’. This conspiracy is a deep routed one aimed at creating an air of the national chauvinism. Because, they try to defend themselves with the very help of national-chauvinism. For they have became desperate since they have listened tolls of their death bell. The heroic peasants of Ghogibariarpur have been tolling this very bell. That is why, they are generating frustration in order to smash the revolutionary working- programmes. We will on our part show the light of hope. The responsibility of showing this very light of hope must be shown in the field of the political

propagation, in the field of the theory, in the sphere of practice. Examples must be set up in the field of practice.

Conspirators hatch conspiracies; but while they leave the field they are bound to leave the signs of their foot steps, there remains the gaps. As there is collaboration between the imperialism and the social imperialism so also they have their contradiction.

That is why, if they are found  through this contradiction, in that event, the responsibility too to intensify this internal contradiction of theirs rests upon revolutionaries. And this contradiction could not be intensified without any revolutionary working programme. In the context of India I am asserting and holding the faith that despite so much wind in favour of the enemies, despite so much favourable conditions in their favour-apparently it appears so in mind-nevertheless. I am asserting that they are moving towards adverse situation. Because just as the revisionists may sometime usurp the dominant position of the leadership but they could not hold the same for long in this era of the Cultural Revolution. The favourable situations of the reactionaries could not sustain for long in this era and even the leadership could not sustain for long. For this is the era of Chairman Mao’s era. Revolution is the main trend of this era. Again the adverse situation in our side, which crops up in mind, will also be eliminated from the minds and the favourable situation will be turned into still favourable one if tasks are fulfilled. I am asserting we will be able to do so, I am getting that very faith, I am having the smell of the same to the effect that we will be able to help the people getting themselves free from frustration.

In this year of ’85 many a new phenomena will take place in India and the world at large.  For this, right at this time Party organisations must be strengthened devoting whole of our strength, the people must be made enthused with the help of the politics.

Whole of our points of focus of our looking and target must be made monolithic in the field of smashing the enemies launching attack against them. For this whole of our strengths is required to be made centralised. In that event we will be able to hit upon a particular point applying whole of our strength and all of these are possible putting politics in command.

Basic foundation of exploitation of the imperialism, social imperialism in India is the rural areas. If extreme attack could be launched against that very feudalism, in that event, their disintegration too will be hastened. Hence the question of annihilating the ‘Jotedar’ regime the question of building up the Peasants regime, the question of establishing defending and expanding the Revolutionary Committees– let us not belittle all these questions. Looking at the appearance of the conditions of their Government thinking of underestimating the strength of the alternative Government of ours is not correct. Because, through the Revolutionary Committees it is possible to bury them. Hence, it is my request, urge to the Comrades- Don’t have any rival thinking about Revolutionary Committee. Because it has the  boundless importance. For the Revolutionary Committee and the great Proletariat  Cultural Revolution, and the Revolutionary Committee and Mao Tse tung’s  Thought are closely integrated with one another. And it is only the very Mao Tse tung’s Thought which ensures their destruction. Mao Tse tung’s Thought, the great Proletarian Cultural revolution and the Revolutionary Committee – the developments of all these in the bosom of India are Ghogibariarpur of Bihar, Rabirala of Andhra, and Midnapore, Kharibari-Naxalbari of West Bengal.

[ First published in the “Mao Wave” the organ of the Workers Unity Center, January 31st 1985, Vol III no.2, Second reprint Liberation November December 2002]