On the Issue of the separate Telengana Movement

Unite India! – Immortal Martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder

 Protect the unity of the people alike the apple of the eyes! – Immortal Martyr Leader of Heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee


On the Issue of the separate Telengana Movement


The heroic people of Telengana, the holy place of world communist movement,


You have a long history of armed struggle against the oppressor class. It was you, who once built up liberated Telengana through armed struggle against imperialism – feudalism. You liberated 3000 villages. Immortal martyrs Comrade: Bangra Ramachandraiya (Warrangal), Comrade Gotti Mukkala, Comrade Gopal Reddy (Nalgonda), Comrade Challapalli, Comrade Narayan Rao(Krishna district), Comrade Reddymalla Rakkayah (Warrangal), and thousands of other martyrs sacrificed their lives in that very battlefield. You are still fighting. We offer millions of red salute to those martyrs.

The heroic peasant class of Telengana was at the helm of that very struggle. Armed agrarian revolution was their principal weapon, and they were enlightened with Marxism – Leninism, Mao Tse-tung’s Thought. That struggle was sabotaged by the conspiracy hatched jointly by the trusted stooge of imperialism in the present day, the murderer Congress government and the renegade revisionists. The renegade B.T Ranadive clique utilised the unconditional faith of the revolutionaries of Telengana upon the great leader of world revolution, great Comrade Stalin. They made the peasants surrender their arms using a forged letter of great Comrade Stalin. The murderer Congress government at that time butchered thousands of peasants.

Naxalbari, created personally by respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder was an answer to that treachery. The Yenan of India was built up in Srikakulam of Andhra under the leadership of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder. The great glorious C.P.I (M-L) was founded. The struggle started over and numerous brave martyrs of Andhra attained martyrdom. Comrade Panchadri Krishnamurthy, Comrade Nirmala Krishnamurthy, Comrade Dr. Malli, Comrade Dr. Bhaskhar Rao, Comrade Dr. Subbarao Panigrahi, Comrade Ankamma, Comrade Gejela Lokanathan, Comrade Neka Jagamohan Reddy, Comrade  Pelly Shankaraiya, Comrade Motagiri Vepparaiya, Comrade Bramhareddy Snehalatha, Comrade Atthuluri Mallikarjuna Rao, Comrade Gotthaiya Kosounkanna, Comrade Mala Konda, Comrade Bamalapokala, Comrade Pakuladinni, Comrade Balaguru Ramakrishna, Comrade Kameganthi Martin, Comrade Muppalarao, Comrade Maiyla Narsaiya, and many other heroic martyrs attained martyrdom by sacrificing their lives for the sake of the liberated India. After the martyrdom of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, our leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee created a new epoch according to the law of history. He built up liberated zones in the countryside. He created Kalinagar, Kamalpur, Ghogibariarpur, and Rabirala – Barpalli of Andhra. Today after the martyrdom of leader of heart Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee, the workers-peasants are marching ahead holding the crimson banner of liberation under the leadership of the class leadership built by him. The heroic peasants of North Bengal’s Teesta basin are marching forward; the heroic peasants of Bihar are marching ahead. The struggle of Telengana is deeply connected with that very struggle. Telengana is the synonym of the struggle against oppression and exploitation.  Your struggle for a separate Telengana, which is an outrage of rebellion against exploitation and injustice, is a long standing one. We respect your great sacrifices made in this united struggle and we red salute it. We believe that the dream of the heroic people of Telengana, the very heir of thousands of martyrs, will come true.

Our leader of heart Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee directed us to be with each struggle waged by the people. Regarding this he used to cite an incident of Russia – an incident which is known as the Bloody Sunday. There had been a horrible food crisis in Tsarist Russia. At that time the starving masses marched peacefully to the winter palace of the Tsar under the leadership of orthodox priest Gapon. The Bolsheviks, under the leadership of great Comrade Lenin warned them, told them – “don’t go! Tsar won’t provide you breads but bullets!”    However the people went to the palace despite the warnings and the Bolsheviks marched with them too. The army of Tsar massacred thousands of people on that Sunday. The Bolsheviks never deserted the people even at the hour of massacre, but integrated more and more with the masses. Through this perseverance the October socialist revolution of 1917 became successful under the leadership of great Comrade Lenin and great Comrade Stalin, and free Soviet Russia was built up.

We believe that the heroic masses of Telengana shall mach ahead on the path of armed agrarian revolution. The very path of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, the very path of Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee. The very path of Bihar’s Ghogibariarpur, Andhra’s Rabirala, Barpalli. The very path of great China. Leader of heart Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has implemented the teachings of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution led by Chairman Mao Tse-tung and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. To take the party as a base, and move ahead by building up the peasants government Revolutionary Committees in the countryside. This is being implemented by the peasants of Telengana of Andhra Pradesh now and it will of course be successful. Due to the weakness in the conscious role of the revolutionary party’s leadership, it had been possible for the reactionaries to divert the struggle of the people’s hope and desire to the wrong path in their vain attempt to win victory in their vile conspiracy. However they cannot win.

We are warning those accomplices of the murderer Congress, who are now in leadership – The leader of TRS K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Political Joint Action Committee leader Professor Kodangram, and the leader of the Telengana People’s Front Gaddar – You cannot take the people of Telengana in the wrong direction, and even we would not let you do that.

The vile conspiracy behind the demand of the separate Telengana shall be doomed. The heirs of the thousands of martyrs of Telengana, who are since marching ahead on the path of Naxalbari – Srikakulam-Ghogibariarpur-Rabirala – Barpalli shall doom this conspiracy, and build up an exploitation free Telengana. A liberated and free India.

We have to be aware of the revisionist thoughts. We must remember the great teaching of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution – Fight Self! Combat Revisionism!

Today those who are making pacts with the reactionaries claiming that a separate Telengana province will solve all problems while chanting Marxism – Leninism Mao Tse-tung’s Thought, they are committing grave crime.

The comrades of Telengana are also taking the responsibility on behalf of making successful the thought of voluntary unity, as directed by great Comrade Lenin and Comrade Stalin against separatism, chauvinism. We want to interpret the teachings of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in the words of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder – “declared war against all type of selfishness, factionalism, revisionism, tailism of bourgeoisie, and propagation of bourgeoisie ideology”. The call of that revolution was – “Fight self! Combat Revisionism”.


The heroic people of Telengana, you have a long history of armed struggle for the establishment of a society of communism, crimsoned with the blood. The base of the same is invincible Mao Tse-tung’s Thought, the great theory of People’s war of Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has commanded us to learn revolutionary faith with utmost respect from the revolutionaries of Telengana. Yes, of course we are following the same. Also we rest our faith upon you that only you will be able to solve this problem of Telengana very accurately, and smash all vile conspiracies. We have learned from respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder –Srikakulam  of Andhra Pradesh is the yardstick of revolutionaries in the present day.


Red salute to the heroic people of great Telengana.

Long live great Srikakulam.

Red flame of Naxalbari is flaring up in all directions and will continue to flare up.

The peasants government Revolutionary Committee following the path of Ghogaibariarpur and Rabiralla is solving all problems.

Immortal martyr leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee is alive within the C.P.I (M-L) built personally by Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder and within the people.


Date: 1st October 2011

Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist)

Personally built by immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, Led by the class leadership personally established by immortal martyr Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee




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