[July 14 – 1970, Published in Liberation – August 1970, Volume 3 No. 10]

At a very heavy price, at the cost of much blood, we have learnt the lesson that revolution is the higher form of class struggle and that class struggle is the only way to solve every problem. Class struggle can be carried on only by our own class! the landless and poor peasants. Unless the landless and poor peasants are raised to positions of leadership, the revolutionary possibility, no matter how great it is, will inevitably be
frittered away. This is the lesson for which we have paid heavily in blood. Any refusal to learn this lesson will cost us more blood and cause still more losses.

How can the initiative of the landless and poor peasants develop? Their initiative can develop only by learning Mao Tse-tung’s Thought; their initiative can develop if squads of landless and poor peasants are given full democratic rights. To give democratic rights to the squads of landless and poor peasants is a political question. It is our bourgeois thinking, revisionist thinking, that prevents us from giving democratic rights to these squads. This concrete manifestation of revisionism, that is, the dependence on petty bourgeois intellectuals, has caused us considerable losses.

We know that the road to revolution is crimson with the blood of martyrs. We also know that the blood of martyrs gives birth to a new type of man. The laying down of their lives by our most beloved comrades generates immeasurable strength to conquer death. This is why the soil that is soaked with the blood of martyrs is transformed into a iron bastion. Many of our comrades have laid down their lives and many more will sacrifice theirs.
For the Indian revolution can never win victory without paying a price. This sacrifice of lives will create men who have conquered death, men who will smash all the forces of imperialism and will selflessly build a new India, beautiful India, an India that will become a source of great
hope for the people of the world. We know that the lives that are being sacrificed today will kindle the flames of revolution in the hearts of hundreds of people, and revolution will surge forward irresistibly. The enemy can never weaken the forces of revolution by murdering us; on the contrary, revolution sweeps on irresistibly.

Educate the landless and poor peasant in Mao Tse-tung’s Thought. Let him learn to find guidance from the “Quotations”. Teach him to plan on his own. Help him so that he can develop into a leader. In order to do this it is necessary to help him read the “Quotations” and the “Three Constantly
Read Articles”; it is also equally necessary to politically educate the masses. Today, the oppressed masses who have suffered from exploitation and tyranny for thousands of years yearn for their liberation and want revolution. Never hesitate to give them politics. It is only the politics of the seizure of political power by armed force that can bring about changes in their outlook; it is only the politics of the seizure of political
power by armed force that can create tremendous enthusiasm in their minds, bring about the festival of the masses and can enable them to make bitter sacrifices.

Put politics in command. Give democratic rights to the revolutionary squads and unleash their initiative. No power on earth can prevent the onward march of the Indian revolution. Chairman Mao has said that, today, the reactionary forces are not merely paper-tigers, they are trembling in utter panic. They are frightened and terror-stricken. Tbe day of the liberation of mankind is not far off. Let us strike at the enemy with all our strength to fulfil the most sacred task – the task of liberating mankind. Victory certainly belongs to us.


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