On The Historic April 16 Statement of Chairman Mao

[This article by Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar was written on the historic statement of Chairman Mao, issued on April 16, 1968, and was published in the Bengali weekly DESHABRATI, May 2, 1968, Published in English in  April 1970 Liberation]

The world entered a new era, the era of world revolution, on April 16. In his historic statement issued on that day Chairman Mao has given the stirring call not only to destroy U. S. imperialism, the biggest and most ferocious imperialist power in the world, but has also given the call to organize national revolutions and launch revolutionary struggles in various countries the raging flames of which will not only burn U.S. imperialism to ashes but will also destroy the reactionary Soviet revisionism and its foreign and native lackeys, and the cliques of reactionary forces in various countries, and a new world system without exploitation of man by man will be built.


The day has now come when the dream that the oppressed and exploited people have dreamed for ages is going to become a reality.

Chairman Mao is the great helmsman and the only liberator of mankind. It is he who has held high the great red banner of world revolution. It is he who is giving the leadership. So, victory will certainly be ours! Long live Chairman Mao! A long, long life to him! We will certainly live to see the radiant sunlight of a free and liberated India. The sun that rises on the eastern horizon will light up the western horizon also. The world will be liberated from all indignities and waste, from the menace of destruction and death. We have reached that great era: Our tasks are heavy but we will certainly be able to carry out these heavy tasks, because Chairman Mao – the source of boundless strength is still living. It is he, the red sun in our heart, who will fill our minds with warmth and we will be able to smash this old, rotten and corrupt system.


The people of the whole world are looking forward to us, because ours is a country of 500 million people. What tremendous power will be generated and what miracles can be performed once India, this land of 500 million people, rises up! Let us march resolutely forward by relying on the masses. Victory will certainly be ours!

Long live Chairman Chairman Mao! A long, long life to Chairman Mao !

Long live the People’s Democratic Revolution of India !


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