-Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar

 [This article was written by Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar before his martyrdom on 9th June 1972 and was published after his martyrdom. This is his last great article that inspired our great glorious CPI(M-L) to march ahead under the bold leadership of Leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee]

In our country, we have faced a set back after the armed struggle rised up to a stage. Our task at this time is to keep the party alive. In order to keep the party alive we have to build the party among the broad worker’s-peasant’s and people. If we are able to build a politically united party, then only we can surmount the setback, then only we will be able to uplift the struggle to a higher stage in comparison to that of the past. I hope we will be able to do that within a short span of time.


Chairman said the possibility of a world war still exists. Today imperialism and social imperialism are totally ladened at home and abroad with different crisis. They are confused due to the politico-economic crisis today. They are adopting unfair tactics of capturing each others markets in order to expand their commercial arena, so their inner conflict is turning intense. They are trying to impose their burden of crisis on the semi developed, undeveloped countries. Therefore those countries are today taking the role of opponents of the two super powers, US and Soviet social imperialism. In their doomed effort to escape from this crisis they may instigate the world war. It is correct that we will face difficulty in the begining if the world war breaks, but those difficulties will not exist for long. Massive revolutionary uprising will hasten our victory. Within a short period spontaneous discontents will come into being and they will take the form of national uprisings.


India is a big country. The people of the country are today ladened with exploitation and oppression. The two camps of exploiter and exploited are gradually standing against each other today. The discontent is growing among the exploited masses. The people will not tolerate oppression for very long. Mass discontent will create spontaneous explosions in various places. When the people of this large country will outburst in discontent, then no reactionary government will have the capacity to suppress it. Therefore the fall of the reactionary government is inevitable.


The reactionary Indira government is therefore trying to build a powerfull centre because they have apprehended their future. There are lots of problems in this big country. Above that they have done the ‘Bangladesh’. Even now Tamil Nadu has raised the voice demanding autonomy. Tribals inhabit the vast central region from Bihar to Gujarat. There is no limit of exploitation of the tribal masses. The workers in the industrial belt of Maharastra are under tremendous exploitation. The form of exploitation on the peasants of Mysore is horrible; the same is for other regions of the south. It can’t be reckoned that when and what form the discontent of these oppressed masses of our country will take.


Chairman said, that within the next 50 to 100 years such things will happen in the world which has not been thought of yet. As this ‘Bangladesh’ happened, did any one ever anticipated it one year back. In our country too, such things will happen which are not been yet predicted.

On the other hand the heroic people of Vietnam who are infusing courage and inspiration among the people of the world today, there is no comparison to their struggle. If Vietnam is liberated then the flames will flare up in whole South East Asia. Today along with the countries of the Asia-Africa-Latin America the government of other countries are too becoming vocal against US imperialism regarding Vietnam. Not only this, they have founded relations with the great bastion of world revolution the socialist China. The Naga’s and Mizo’s of our country were fighting a pure nationalist struggle for independent states, but when they saw the struggle of the heroic masses of Vietnam, they established communication with China since then.

Uprising is approaching. A nationwide uprising. We must keep this uprising in mind. Then only will self-confidence come. Before this we have seen uprisings in one or two districts. The uprising, which is approaching, will occur on a more broad scale, it will be of a developed form than that of the hitherto ones. It must be remembered, that the progress of struggle is not evolutionary; the progress of struggle is revolutionary progression. Calculating in the way the struggle in our country is proceeding under the leadership of our party then leave alone 75; our country cannot even be liberated in 2001. As the progress and development of struggle is revolutionary, so the uprisings of yesterday which took place in small areas will not be within the boundation of the small area in the coming days, and the struggle of the coming days will be deep and developed than what it used to be.

Will we be able to lead at all the places in the approaching uprisings? Of course not. The struggle of our party in the places where it has conscious presence will act as an inspiration in those places where our party will not be in vanguard position. If we can perform some land reform works today, then during this revolutionary uprising the work of land reforms will be done spontaneously at many places. Our conscious leadership will produce armed revolutionary uprisings, through this armed revolutionary uprisings gradually our leadership will be established everywhere.

Today our duty is to carry forward the task of building party among the broad basic masses and to establish united front on the basis of struggle with the broad masses. A broad united front can be established against the Congress regime. The ‘Leftist’ party’s are not leading the fight against the oppression on the common people by the Congress. The worker’s peasants and people in these organisations have discontent against their leadership. We must carry on the effort to unite with them through united struggle. Even those who once were hostile to us will come forward to unite with us in special circumstances. We must keep largeness of mind in order to unite with these powers. The largeness of mind is a quality of the Communists. The interest of the people is demanding a united struggle today.

The interest of the people is the interest of the party.





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