[- July 14, 1970, Published in Liberation – August 1970, Volume 3 No. 10]

Valiant Comrades,

You are the foremost fighters of the Indian revelution. It is you who have established the first people’s political power in India. That is why you had to pay the heaviest price. The blood you have shed will not go in vain. Today, the people of the whole of India are inspired with your ideal. They have taken up the task of building Srikakulams in their respective areas. So, to the oppressed millions of India -Srikakulam is an immortal name, a great hope. Srikakulam is the future history of India. The death of a revolutionary never goes in vain and the blood you have shed wiIl not be in vain. These selfless sacrifices of yours will rouse new hope in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people and kindle the raging flames of
revolution. Srikakulam will be tbe bulwark of revolution and no reactionary force in the world can block the road of its liberation. This is because the blood shed by so many martyrs can never go in vain.

Comrades, stand on your own feet. Many of your leaders are no more, but you remain. Take up the task of leadership in your own hands, give democratic rights to every squad. Let every squad make its own plans and carry them out successfully on its own. Form small squads and spread them out all over
the area. Inspire everyone to avenge every drop of blood shed by you. Extend your hand to the masses to get their co-operation. Form revolutionary
committees in every village. These revolutionary committees will be the organs of our own state power. Obey yourself every instruction issued by the revolutionary committees and also teach others to obey the same. The Party Committees should not interfere with the work of the revolutionary committees unless there is any devia1ion of a very serious nature. Only in this way can the state power of the revolutionary committee be established and developed. The majority of the members of a revolutionary committee should be taken from outside the Party and from among the landless and poor peasants who are earnestly trying to understand and adhere to the Party line. The relation between the Party unit and the revolutionary committee should be close and friendly-like that between the two hands of a man. Let everyone of the revolutionary committee obey the instructions When this is done, the political power of your area will not remain mere political power, there will emerge a vast liberated area – Srikakulam.

The small guerrilla squads will, on the one hand, annihilate the class enemies and, on the other, will carry on attacks on the reactionary police force. This battle of annihilation will enable the guerrilla forces to collect modern rifles from the reactionary state power, and there will
emerge tbe people’s army all over Srikakulam.

Inspire the masses so that they actively co-operate with us. Apply all kinds of methods against the enemy-from giving false information to him to killing enemy troops by mixing poison with their food. This will enable the struggle in Srikakulam to develop to a higher stage -the stage of the struggle in Vietnam – within six months. It is Srikakulam, which is, today illumining the path forward for the people of the whole of India. In the days to come, Srikakulam will also show the way to build a new India.

Do not let the blood shed by the martyrs go in vain. Launch the fiercest offensive in a new way. Class struggle will solve all our problems. This struggle will spread to the whole of Andhra and Orissa which are like volcanoes about to erupt. Terror-stricken, the reactionary forces will be forced to flee in utter panic. That day is not far off when Srikakulam will become a truly liberated area. Yes, that day is not far off.

Long live the immortal Srikakulam!
Long live the Peasants Armed Revolution!
Long live the Communist Party of India ( Marxist-Leninist)
Long live Chairman Mao! A long, long life to Chairman Mao !


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