We Salute The Peasant Revolutionaries of Kerala! Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar

[27th November 1968 From Liberation, Vol. II, No 2 (December 1968).]

The incidents in Kerala have once more demonstrated what an excellent revolutionary situation prevails in India today. Every Indian has the inalienable right to rise in revolt against the reactionary Indian government – a government that has again turned India into a colony, this time a neo-colony of U.S. imperialism and the Soviet revisionists. This is not a matter of right alone; what is more, every revolt against this government is just.

The heroism and courage displayed by the impoverished masses of Kerala have raised a new wave of enthusiasm among the revolutionary people all over India and they are warmly applauding the heroic masses of Kerala.

In India, which is now like a volcano, the revolt of the peasant masses can be victorious only by successfully applying the thought of Chairman Mao, that is, by rousing the peasant masses with the politics of seizure of power and thus enabling them, under the leadership of workers and poor and landless peasants, to participate actively in carrying forward the agrarian revolution; by driving out the class enemies from the countryside by means of guerrilla struggle, expanding such areas and establishing liberated zones; by building up a people’s army from among the armed guerrilla groups and by encircling the cities from the countryside and finally capturing them. Only thus can India be liberated. So the rebellious masses in every area must follow this road to achieve victory.

The heroic peasant revolutionaries of Kerala are carrying forward the glorious tradition of the peasant struggles of Punnapra and Vayullur and have once again demonstrated their courage and heroism and have refused to be subdued in the face of severe repression. It is sure that they will be able to overcome all difficulties and lead the tens of millions of revolutionary people of India. The great peasant revolutionaries of Kerala – zindabad!

November 27, 1968.



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