Chairman’s call of May 20 ushers in a new age

–Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar

(Published in Liberation – Vol May-July 1970)


On May 20 last Chairman Mao issued a statement to the world’s revolutionary people as a guide-line for the coming days. This statement bears a profound significance. It makes many demands on the revolutionary masses in different countries of the world. That is why May 20 of this year has ushered in a new age on this earth. This is the age of the victory of the people, the age of the defeat of imperialism and its running dogs. the age of their total collapse.

By invading Cambodia U.S. imperialism has spread its war of aggression to the whole of Indo-China as a preparation for the third world war. That is why the Chairman has declared that the danger of a world war is still there. But it is not imperialistic aggression that is the main characteristic of this age. At the very time the U.S. aggression has been taking place, the peoples of the three countries of Indo-China have forged their unity, their war of resistance has grown more resolute, the web of false illusions that modern revisionism wove has been torn into shreds, the people’s march of victory has begun, the revolutionary people in different countries are loud in denouncing imperialism, and resistance to imperialism has developed throughout the world. That is why the Chairman has declared his support to the militant people of Indo-China and all other revolutionary people of the world. He has announced that great China is an ally and comrade-in-arms in all these struggles. The Chairman has said that the day when the people were afraid of imperialism is over; today it is imperialism that is afraid of the offensive of the people. This is the era of revolution, the era of victory of revolution. That is why the Chairman has issued this call to the revolutionary masses in different countries: Be resolute in attacks, the day of victory in the struggle is imminent.

This statement of the Chairman is infusing boundless self confidence into the minds of the revolutionaries. He says: March onward, this is the era of the offensive of the people, consolidate all your forces and wage the offensive. Today, imperialism is powerless to crush or suppress the revolutionary forces. However weak you may be, your offensive today is sure to multiply your strength. Chairman Mao has issued the call to the people to march forward with this conviction. It is through this statement that the Chairman has given this conviction to the revolutionary people of the entire world.
Indian comrades, cast off all weakness, spread your struggle to every village, give up all ideas of self-defence. This is the era of self-sacrifice, the era of the liberation of the world. The exploited and oppressed masses of the different countries will liberate themselves from exploitation and oppression. Take upon yourselves that sacred task, forget all ideas of self-defence, attack and destroy the enemy. The vast upsurge of tens of millions of people will strengthen your hands, you will advance at an irresistible speed towards the liberation of the world.

Comrades, march onward to fulfil with all your strength the task of spreading the class struggle to every village in India-the task that our Party Congress has undertaken. Let the Chairman’s call be your mantra: “BE RESOLUTE, FEAR NO SACRIFICE AND SURMOUNT EVERY


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