Long Live The Historic 7th November – The Great November Soviet Revolution Day

Great Stalin
Great Comrade Stalin
Great Lenin
Great Comrade Lenin










The CPI (M-L) personally built by respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and led by the great class leadership personally established by leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee sends billions of red salute to the heroic people of the world on the occassion of the great November Soviet Revolution Day on Historic 7th November.

We reproduce a part of the great speech made by our leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee on the occassion of the great November Soviet Revolution Day on 7th November 2002 -:

“Turning the predictions of great Comrades Marx and Engels true, developing their theory into Leninism, under the light of their theory itself, under the leadership of great Comrades Lenin and Stalin the great Soviet Socialist revolution was accomplished with conscious-accurate and hard efforts, which afterwards changed into the socialist system in the light of Marxism – Leninism under the leadership of Comrade Stalin.

But there the 1905 Revolution which took place years before the October Revolution had failed.

But did Comrade Lenin pointed that failure as a major thing? No, instead while waging an uncompromising struggle with the revisionists he had marked that it was correct to give a call in 1905, he said it was a “Dress rehearsal”, without which the October Revolution would not had achieved success. With the teachings of that failure he had indicated the way and provided courage to rectify the errors.

Many barriers came along the way in the path of the October Revolution, and they had been surmounted, and in order to do so the Comrades of the Bolshevik Party under the leadership of Comrades Lenin and Stalin had to face many hardships and intolerable situations, many laid their lives. The Mensheviks had been successful in establishing the Kerensky government along with the bourgeoisie and captured the helms of the Soviets because the Bolsheviks due to whose relentless work, struggle and self sacrifice the uprooting of the Tsarism was possible had either became martyrs or were imprisoned, and as the distinction between the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks were not so clear in front of the people. So the fruits of the victory of the people had been temporarily captured by the revisionists and reactionaries. With this can be compared the situation of India of 1977-78. The Bolsheviks were not broken after these too. With their relentless hard work the distinction of the Bolsheviks with that of the others started becoming clear, the real face of the Kerensky Government got exposed, and the Bolshevik leadership was reestablished on the Soviets. The hour of the October Revolution started approaching. But before that the treachery of Trotsky took place. Instead of that crushing that treachery by foots the October revolution unfurled its flag. After the October Revolution too their were many conspiracies to eliminate the Soviet Russia, counter revolutionary fights started inside, on the other hand the imperialists captured the lands by attacking unitedly from outside. Lastly they fled after getting defeated, and Fascist Hitler the master of the genocide of the Jews got destroyed while he attempted to destroy the Soviet Russia.

That Socialist system of the Soviet was destroyed by the inner enemies – Khruschev revisionism, after the demise of Comrade Stalin. Then too Soviet has not collapsed. The people over there carries the banner of Comrade Lenin and Stalin’s until today, there they will surely bring down the foot lickers of imperialism from power.

In the history of great Revolution of China too Chairman Mao had to fight ruthlessly and uncompromisingly, sometimes against the right deviation or against left deviation. But he never broke down. By defeating enemies through these struggles he had steered the warship of the Revolution of China to its right destination, and in this task he had always got Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao on his side. Though Chairman Mao was disturbed and the Revolution itself got set backs in the hands of these advocates of the Right and Left deviationists. Despite of all these Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s Thought was victorious at last. Chen Tu Hsiu had to flee, Wang Ming fled; and due to the Leftist deviation of Comrade Li Li San, 93% of the Party’s forces were destroyed, maximum liberated zones were captured by the enemies, and the little power and the liberated zones that were in the hands of the Party got isolated from each other. But Chairman Mao did not gave up at all, and too was not silent by just only opposing Comrade Li Li San . But he had waged a relentless struggle against Comrade Li Li Sans wrong line and wiped away that line from the Party. But he too never forgot about those who getting influenced by that wrong line had devoted their lives fighting heroically. He held high that courage and self sacrifice along with other martyrs. Along with that, after unifying the whole strength of the Party called for the Long March, which as a huge symbol of heavy self sacrifices and courageous struggle is shinning in the history. In that struggle Comrade Li Li San participated fighting his own wrong line, because though he had been diverted in the way of Left deviation the dream of emancipation was still there in his eyes.

Therefore for sake of the revolution it was not impossible for him to struggle against his own wrong line. On this way of the Revolution of China, the Japanese Militarism had been defeated, the U.S. Imperialist conspiracies were destroyed too. After the Revolution of China their came blows too. In the Korean war the U.S. imperialism had tried to attack and destroy Chairman Mao’s China, that was thrashed. Afterwards the renegade Liu Shao Chi had sidelined Chairman Mao by capturing the power through conspiracies in some places. Chairman Mao, considering the negative experience of the change of colour in the Soviet by the Khruschev revisionism, called for the third revolution, the Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution which saved the Great China by bombarding the head quarters of revisionism.

Therefore immortal martyr respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar had taught us that after many failed blows the snow falls down from the hill in just one blow.

There were a lot of blows before and after the Naxalbari occurred. By breaking down the wall of resistance of the revisionists immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar had kindled the fire in the heart of Naxalbari.

That struggle of Naxalbari developed into Srikakulam, and while that struggle of Naxalbari got stagnant respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar had not declared it as an end, but said that it is in a die down stage, it will rise again. We saw the truth of the word in Magurjan. Afterwards we faced fatal losses when respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar martyred. But we again stood straight from there on our feet, alike those Comrades of China, who had risen from the fallen condition, burying the dead martyrs and wiping out all the wounds of their bodies they again plunged into the struggle.

Kamalpur – Kalinagar – Ghogi-Bariarpur happened. A flood of building the Revolutionary Committees, the government of the peasants, broke out. So whatever may be the situation, it is not correct to get disappointed. There is a song “What’s the benefit to make a house on the falling shores?” – This is not our lyrics. We have vowed that we will stop the erosion of banks and strongly tie them with boulders, wires, and soil. Then only can be the house Party and the people can be protected. We will not allow the fascist worms to harm the blossoming flower of the present beautiful condition. Especially this era is the new and historic era of Chairman Mao, and Revolution is the main trend of the day. In the whole world third power is rising up with courage against imperialism, capitalism, and globalisation. In the U.S and the U.K. itself people are rising to oppose the satanic war mongers of U.S. – British imperialists aggression on Iraq.

The way the people are rising through out the world today, the lavas coming out from Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil if mixed with the lava of the Vesuvius of the Revolution of India; then it will wash out all garbage’s out of the world with a flood of lava, which will create a new world. It is because the world Revolution depends on India. Therefore hastening the Revolution of India will create a garland out of the collection of all the liberation movements through out the world as a result. Therefore the people of the world are looking at India. And the people of India are looking at us. Because the people are revolutionary and they want the revolution. They still trust this Party personally built by immortal martyr respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar, that trust is created by the thousands of martyrs with their blood and sweat.” ( Taken from Liberation November – December 2002)



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