We demand the unconditional release of Comrade Manik (Biren Mandal)

Free Comrade Manik, General Secretary of CPI (M-L)

Comrade Manik (Biren Mandal), the General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) and the core of the class leadership that leads the party, was arrested by the West Bengal Police on 26th October from the Teesta Char (bank) area of Jalpaiguri district. The arrest took place when the local landlords tipped the police about his presence and got him arrested.

The arrest of Comrade Manik coincides with the killing of 30 heroic fighters, killed by the Hindutva fascist state machinery of the comprador capitalists and feudal landlords in Malkangiri of Odisha; the arrest also coincides with the killing of five villagers by the Jharkhand Police in Hazaribagh district, the arrest also coincides with numerous killings, maiming, and imprisonment of Kashmiri people by the Indian ruling classes. The arrest of Comrade Manik by the Trinamool Congress government led by Mamata Banerjee also exposes the nefarious nexus between her and the Hindutva fascism monger Modi regime at the centre.

Comrade Manik is the only landless peasant, as well as a Dalit, who became a general secretary of a communist party, the party personally built by respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar. Leader of heart Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee personally promoted the leadership of the poor and landless peasantry while implementing the political teachings of respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar. Under the leadership of Comrade Manik the poor and landless peasantry and tribal tea-garden workers of North Bengal’s Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling district intensified struggle against feudal landlords, exploitative tea garden owners, corrupt forest officials, and the RSS wings that were trying to penetrate deep inside the tribal belt in the region. Since 2004, Comrade Manik, through his valorous and visionary leadership smashed the attempts by the Sangh Parivar units to vitiate the communal atmosphere in the tribal belts of North Bengal by intensifying a strong anti-RSS movement. He also led a vehement struggle against the feudal landlords, especially Ranjit Kundu and the chieftain of his coterie, Dulal Daktar, the two most notorious feudal usurers who were the pillars of the local CPI(M) organisation when the so-called ‘left’ government was ruling West Bengal.

These feudal landlords, the local CPI(M)-TMC leaders, and the RSS activists jointly launched a campaign to kill him since 2009, when Comrade Manik became the General Secretary of the CPI(M-L). The police and the state machinery actively assisted them by lodging one after another criminal case against Comrade Manik. The mission of the RSS-BJP and the TMC to communally polarise the people, especially the poor and toiling masses of West Bengal, cannot achieve an iota of success until they can dismantle the revolutionary struggle of the working class and the peasantry. This is one of the main reason why the TMC government, in connivance with the feudal landlords and RSS-BJP terror activists, is trying to crush the people’s movement by killing and imprisoning those who are fighting for the salvation of the Indian people. Comrade Manik, due to his relentless struggle against the feudal landlords and the Hindutva fascists, along with their revisionist running dogs, became a very prominent target for their vitriol.

The mainstream media, following the directions of the ruling classes to censor any news related to our party to deny its existence, made no coverage of the news of Comrade Manik’s (Biren Mandal’s) arrest. The mainstream media also censored the news of massive protest demonstrations that the supporters of the party organised on their own at different places of Jalpaiguri district and neighbouring Darjeeling district following the above mentioned policy.

The CPI(M-L) calls upon the people of India and the world, the revolutionary members of the party, the supporters and activists of the party, the revolutionaries associated with other fraternal organisations and the patriotic and democratic forces that are waging uncompromising struggle against the neo-colonial loot and plunder of India’s labour, land, and natural resources by the imperialist corporations and their comprador Indian allies, whose interest is represented by the Modi regime and its ideological mentor – RSS, to unite against the fascist onslaught and by building a broad united front against the Hindutva fascist regime and its allies like the TMC. Let us unite and condemn the arrest and the heinous plan of the ruling classes to secretly execute Comrade Manik, just like they killed eight Muslim undertrials in Bhopal in a staged ‘encounter’ that was hailed by the fascist forces. Let us jointly raise the demand for the unconditional release of Comrade Manik and all other prisoners who are confined by the state machinery in order to curtail people’s struggle against fascism.

Revolutionary Greetings
C.P.I (M-L)


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