Political Resolution Adopted in the Anti Revisionist Convention on 25th May 2006


The Chief Reporter


The State Government of West Bengal and the official political parties are has came out in the advocacy of capitalism and is moving on that path. We are opposing and condemning this assault on Marxism by taking the name of Marxism. We believe that this very step of their is clearly counter revolutionary reactionary, and it is to crush the people’s interest for the interest of the rich class. We have faith that the people will oppose these harmful policies, even if they become able temporarily to deceive the people showing the balloons of development, the people will realize it shortly and will surely oppose it. So, what is the correct path for real Marxists, mainly to uphold that, the resolution which was adopted on the historical 25th May 2006 in the mass rally at Naxalbari, we’re sending the same to you.

Gopal Dey

On behalf of the Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Personally built by Immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and led by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee


[On the historical 25th May of 2006, the Naxalbari day, on the sacred soil of Naxalbari, the Central Committee of the Party adopted this resolution in the mass meeting organized there under the personal presence and direction of Leader of heart respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee. We have got the resolution along with the above letter and printing it here sensing its immense importance – Liberation] Chairman Mao said ” Both dogmatism and revisionism run counter to Marxism. Marxism must certainly advance; it must develop along with the development of practice and cannot stand still. It would become lifeless if it remained stagnant and stereotyped. However, the basic principles of Marxism must never be violated, or otherwise mistakes will be made. It is dogmatism to approach Marxism from a metaphysical point of view and to regard it as something rigid. It is revisionism to negate the basic principles of Marxism and to negate its universal truth. Revisionism is one form of bourgeoisie ideology. The revisionists deny the differences between socialism and capitalism, between dictatorship of the proletariat and the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. What they advocate is in fact not the socialist line but the capitalist line. In present circumstances, revisionism is more pernicious than dogmatism. One of our current important tasks on the ideological front is to unfold criticism of revisionism.” Chairman Mao has also taught us that, the revisionists, the Right opportunists, pay lip service to Marxism; they too attack “dogmatism”. But what they are really attacking is the quintessence of Marxism. It is more clearly been proved today in the present national and international situation that how correct are these teachings of Chairman Mao. In our country revisionism has plunged very openly to advocate capitalism, the voice of the comprador capitalism is coming out from their tone. When they did these ? Just before the elections. To decide once every few years which member of the ruling class is to repress and crush the people is the task of parliamentary elections-this election is a proof of how great truth is this teaching of great Comrade Marx which great Comrade Lenin boldly upholded.  In the meantime through giving away of the lands of the peasants to the Salem group, by inviting industrialists to the party office, Rajarhat, etc the message was delivered to the exploiter class that these revisionists are actually their people with fake labels. Then too when in order to rejoin the broken illusion of the people regarding elections the commission started acting wildly expending billions from the people’s exchequer, then the revisionism panicked about losing its long running rule. So before the elections they declared that there is no way out rather than moving on the path of capitalism in order to run a government. So the exploiters understood through whom their interests can be attained well. So the major faction of the exploiters welcomed them. While the reflection of the inner contradiction among the other faction was visible in the opponent parties. So in Kerala despite some hues on reforms the reflection of this consciousness of the exploiters was also visible there. But the beginning of this bankruptcy of revisionism is not a recent phenomenon, it had took place long before. When the mask of renegade Liu Shao Chi was fully uncovered and his downfall happened due to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, then the revisionists of this country published and propagated in millions his notorious book on self purification : “How to become a good Communist?” the book in which that devil had used the quotation of Lenin by deleting the phrase “dictatorship of the proletariats.” In this way they started attacking the dictatorship of the proletariats then, though directly they said other things. According to them the cause of the present condition of the Soviet is because no country can stick to the path of socialism while been encircled by capitalism, its collapse is inevitable. So tie up with the capitalist path, compromise with that path and move on it. Doesn’t it means that don’t utter revolution untill socialism is established in all countries of the world. In this way they are trying to negate the epoch making theory of great Comrade Lenin regarding the possibility of winning victory in revolution of a particular country and maintaining that. They are serving the wine of Kautsky-Trotsky in new bottle. Comrade Lenin while addressing the treachery of renegade Kautsky-Trotsky had shown that the whole world has been tied up with the chains of imperialism and the condition of this very chain is not alike every where. So the country in which this chain is weak there it is possible to break free of this chain to win victory in revolution and to safe guard it, which was proved in the great October Revolution. But revolution is not evolution, it is a result of conscious effort. So as new things are created through conscious effort, also through conscious effort that very new gets consolidated, and safeguarded. Despite of the consolidation if slackness occurs that new thing can collapse. As Comrade Lenin said : ” The transition from capitalism to Communism represents an entire historical epoch. Untill this epoch is terminated, the exploiters inevitably cherish the hope of restoration, and this hope is converted into attempts at restorations.” As the thought of faint resonance of the old system exists among the people, which dose not vanishes easily, and thus the revisionists – reactionary bourgeoisie roaders takes chance of that, and by nonplussing the people tries to achieve their goals. Therefore Chairman Mao said ” To overthrow a political power, it is always necessary first of all to create public opinion, to do work in the ideological sphere. This is true for the revolutionary class as well as for the counter-revolutionary class.” So Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao taught us to shatter counter revolutionary public opinion with revolutionary one. That is why Chairman Mao accomplished the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and taught, Ten not One Cultural Revolution is to be done, else the colour of China might change. Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao said ” Comrade Mao Tse-tung not only did comprehensively developed Leninism on the question of the capturing of political power by the proletariats, he have made an epoch making development of Leninism on the question of consolidating the proletarian dictatorship and resisting the restoration of capitalism – the most prominent question of the present era. “ The Soviet of Comrade Lenin and Stalin established the working people with the real dignity of human beings. In its very infancy it crushed all barbaric encirclement-aggression-attacks of imperialists and reactionaries, and later by destroying Fascism proved the immense power of socialism. It was flaring as a beacon of hope before the people of the world. The undercover Khrushchev revisionism changed the colour of Soviet by capturing power. From the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet in 1956, the renegade revisionist leadership there started travelling on the capitalist path by consciously joining hands with imperialism after taking the authority of the party there. They changed the socialist production system by performing profit based production in capitalist production system. By discarding the proletarian dictatorship they cried for people’s state, and destroyed the socialist production system of the neighbouring small socialist countries in the name of “unification” in order to make them satellite countries. For the same they didn’t hindered from taking the most devoid course including aggression. In this way the socialist Soviet turned into a social imperialist state, which resulted to the present condition. As following the capitalist path means mandatory foot licking and serving of imperialism and reactionaries. Despite of the changed colour of Soviet the imperialism was scared by its largeness. So in the directions of imperialism and to serve their own interests the renegade Soviet leaders broke the country into pieces. The people had not done that and the people never want the same, rather they are fighting for the restoration of socialism in the Soviet. Therefore not due to socialist path, this condition of Soviet is due to the following the capitalist path. So, those who says this condition of Soviet is due to the presence of the capitalist nations around it wants to show the white as black. As never did the revisionists of this country recognized the restoration of capitalism in post Comrade Stalin Soviet and its turning into a social imperialist country. And in this way by showing Comrade Lenin-Stalin’s Soviet and the later Soviet as identical they have always carried on their vulgar attempts to dilute the differences between socialism and capitalism, proletarian dictatorship and bourgeoisie dictatorship. The present renegade revisionist leadership of China, who are the followers of Liu Shao Chi, Deng Xiao Ping, are active in their attempt to decolour the country by infiltrating capitalism there. For which inequality is rising among the people there and the people are not accepting the same. The mass movements are becoming more vigorous there very often. As the people of Chairman Mao’s China are great. They have never vowed before exploitation and oppression. They have a long experience of glorious struggle. Above all they have accomplished the great Revolution of China and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution under the conscious leadership of Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Lin Piao. So we have the faith that they will establish great China with its glory by pulling down these revisionist leaders. Our responsibility and that of the revolutionaries of the world is to unite with them in the struggle to protect China, the very responsibility given by Chairman Mao. These revisionist clique in the international arena are identical and indistinguishable with the revisionists of our country. The revisionists of our country has clearly stood against revolution. They have placed the theory of developing capitalism. As socialism cannot be build without the development of capitalism, so they will develop capitalism. Then will they give the slogan of People’s Democratic Revolution after all these ? The People’s Democratic Revolution about which they atleast used to speak a lot a few days back.  By rejecting the principal contradiction of India and other contradictions rejecting the way of concretely resolving them, covering the real reality by talking about reality, reach socialism through the path of peacefull transition by developing capitalism. What can be a better instance of treachery to the revolution than this ? Chairman Mao said “Qualitatively different contradictions can only be resolved by qualitatively different methods. For instance, the contradiction between the proletariats and the bourgeoisie is resolved by the method of socialist revolution; the contradiction between the great masses of the people and the feudal system is resolved by the method of democratic revolution; the contradiction between the colonies and imperialism is resolved by the method of national revolutionary war; the contradiction between the working class and the peasant class in socialist society is resolved by the method of collectivization and mechanization in agriculture; contradictions within the Communist Party is resolved by the method of criticism and self criticism; the contradiction between the society and nature is resolved by the method of developing the productive force…….The principle of using different methods to resolve different contradiction is one in which Marxist-Leninists must strictly observe.” So did Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar identified the principal contradiction of this country, i.e., the contradiction between feudalism and peasantry, and has shown the path of solution, without which neither can imperialist -comprador capitalist plunder and exploitation be eliminated from this country, nor socialist India can be built by liberating India. As Chairman Mao’s teachings : “Taken as a whole, the Chinese revolutionary movement led by the Communist party embraces the two stages, i.e., the democratic and the socialist revolutions, which are two essentially different revolutionary processes, and the second process can be carried through only after the first has been completed. The democratic revolution is the necessary preparation for the socialist revolution, and the socialist revolution is the inevitable sequel to the democratic revolution. The ultimate aim for which all Communists strive is to bring about a socialist and communist society.” Therefore Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar kindled the flames of agrarian revolution which is the main axis of People’s Democratic Revolution, and today is marching forward under the revolutionary authority of Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee. So the utopia of reaching socialism  by developing capitalism and the correct path of building socialism through successfull People’s Democratic Revolution, the difference between these two needs to be clearly presented before the people. Along with that we need to boldly say never is the development of capitalism possible in this country. Comrade Lenin had taught us imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism, and its dying stage too. The funeral procession of imperialism began in this new historical era of Chairman Mao. Through a few factories, a few modern machinery, the immense crisis of imperialism today, the graveyards silence of the closed factories, the bankruptcy of many Multinationals like Enron, the total decay of the production force cant be covered. So in the era of the total collapse of imperialism, talking about developing capitalism in India, the heaven of imperialist plunderers, is just phrase mongering. Neither imperialism will allow that; nor it is possible while feudalism exists. As Comrade Marx had shown that the capital of this country was born from the womb of imperialism. Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar taught us the comprador-bureaucratic capital of this country is created and nurtured by imperialism. Apart from this the increase in capital does not means development of capitalism, comprador capital cant transform into free capital due to that, the comprador characteristics will retain to the comprador capital even it invests capital in other countries. So talking about development of capitalism in this country amounts to the shameless surrender before imperialism, comprador capitalism, and feudalism. That is why there is so much flattery of foreign capital. The basket of capital from Tata’s, the cheerfull handshake of Salem’s during the oath taking ceremony of the ministry. With rhetoric’s against U.S. imperialism, and showing U.S. capital divorcing it from imperialism and showing something ‘beneficial’ in it, and placing it in the same row of that of the U.S. people; that very capital whose interest and commands resulted to today’s barbaric aggression on Iraq; threats to attack Iran; that very capital whose interest and command resulted to the heinous aggression on different countries of the world along with Vietnam. Isn’t this  praising of U.S. capital a terrific betrayal to the glorious liberation struggle of Vietnam; to the struggling people of Iraq ? Isn’t it a betrayal to the Third Power of the whole world which is vocal against globalization and imperialist aggression ? Let them show an instance that the arrival of capital in semi developed and undeveloped countries today means development of capitalism in the same. Great Comrade Marx said :“The direct process of the production of capital, its labour process, and its self expansion process, the result of the process is the production of commodity the very turbulent motive force of which is the surplus value production.” Developing these teachings of Comrade Marx, Comrade Stalin had taught us, while the motive force of socialist production is the interest of the people, the motive force of capitalist production is not just profit, but highest profit. So, only profit will not do good, therefore capital changes location in its greed to earn high profit. So economic doom occurs in Indonesia, Malaysia, Argentina, which once glittered due to the courtesy of foreign capital. A recent prediction of the same was observed when the sensex of the Mumbai Stock Exchange crashed heavily due to several reasons like the news of increase of tax on Foreign Institutional Investment (FII’s), along with that of the downfall of the US Stock Exchange and the global decrease of metal prices. Due to which the Finance Minister did assured the FII’s that there will be no tax hike. So capital is coming here and will come to plunder, not to develop. The more the plunder, the more the incoming of capital. And if it is found that some other place will be a better option to plunder, then capital will shift there. So sacrifice the worker’s-peasants and people for the sake of plunder and show them dreams of entering a heaven of development after their death, teach them to pin their hopes of liberation on the “sensibleness” of imperialism, unfurl the banner of class collaboration by sabotaging class struggle, confuse the concept of the proletariat class. Kindling the light of a few factories and Information Technology and Outsourcing cover the sorrow of thousands of workers who losed their livelihood. With the gleam of tourism department cover the procession of death of the tea plantation worker’s of Chandmani and other tea gardens. In the name of urban development cover the dirty accommodations of the worker’s of jute mills, coal mines, etc with large buildings. So a major responsibility to expand the criticism against revisionism is on our shoulders today. As Chairman Mao showed that revisionism is the prime peril. Without struggle against revisionism, the struggle against imperialism and its running dogs cant be taken forward, the broad united front on the basis of struggle cant be built against the Congress regime, the Fascism-communalism-caste hatred cant be fought. So to fight against imperialism is and important task, also there is a task to struggle against left deviation and to awaken the masses with courage. This is the task of the moment and is to be carried on through difficulties-hardships-unrestfullness. Then only we would be able to win victory by integrating with the people. As Comrade Marx said  “There is no highway to science, only those can reach its highest peak, who are not scared to climb its strenuous terrains.” So we need to take pledge today that we will not let to drop the above teachings earned at the cost of blood.


Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist)

Personally built by immortal martyr respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumdar and Led by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee