Political Resolution of the Anti Imperialist Convention held at Student’s Hall in Calcutta – July 3rd 2003

“People of the whole world unite, defeat U.S. aggressors and their running dogs” – Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Dear Comrade’s and friends,

At the call of the C.P.I. (M-L) founded personally by Immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, and in the personal initiative and direction of Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee this historical 2nd July 2003,  the 30th martyr anniversary of immortal martyr Comrades: Kabul (Samsul, family name Jiten Kundu), Ramshankar Banerjee and Manotosh Chakrovarty an Anti-Imperialist Convention was organized at the Student Hall beside the College Square of Kolkatta. This Convention was held mainly : against the character assassination of great Comrade Stalin, against the conspiracy of attacking great China by U.S. imperialism by making India its base, and against the conspiracy of sending troops of India to Iraq under the order of U.S. imperialism. We must remember in this context that though temporarily B.J.P. government has moved back on the issue of sending troops to Iraq, this conspiracy is still going on. The main speech was delivered in the convention by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee, and two draft resolution were placed on part of the Central Committee of the C.P.I. (M-L). During the discussions over the resolutions Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee added few important notes and along with those notes the two resolutions were adopted unanimously. The two resolutions along with the important parts of Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee’s speech and notes are been published over here.

With Revolutionary Greetings

Central Committee

C.P.I. (M-L)


The Speech Delivered by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee

The fascist B.J.P. government is wanting to send troops to Iraq to suppress Iraq under the direction of U.S. imperialism. That suppression is been resisted by the people of Iraq. Just as in the past days Comrades have spread over after the die down of the struggle of Naxalbari, by being martyr immortal martyr Comrade Agnu Tappu created Magurjan, Comrades again entered Naxalbari. This is law, this is scientific theory – Struggles have ups and downs; but the last victory is of the masses. Therefore the people of Iraq will win and they will stop the U.S. – British aggressors. Just as Vietnam has stood up under the leadership of Comrade Ho Chi Minh, people of Iraq will likewise make imperialism to bite dust. Beside that fighting Iraq, against imperialism is todays convention. This convention of today is for protecting Chairman Mao’s China, though those who are today in the leadership of great China are strengthening the hands of imperialism. If there was Chairman Mao today U.S. imperialism cannot have done what they are doing today in Iraq; Saddam would have stood raising his head in Iraq alike Vietnam. U.S. imperialism will be likewisely beated in Iraq as it has been defeated in Vietnam. It is because Saddam is not a communist, it is correct that Communist Party is illegal over there, but Saddam is not a fundamentalist. Saddam is a part of the anti-imperialist power, the Third Power. We must not mix Laden with Saddam here. Therefore though we are for the people of Afghanistan we don’t support Laden, we are anti – Laden. But Saddam is carrying the successiveness of the anti-imperialist role. War is still going on in Iraq. Therefore it can’t be said Iraq is been overpowered by U.S. – British imperialism . But Advani is going to U.S.A, Vajpayee is going to China, conspiracy is going on to suppress Iraq.
This Convention of today is against the article published on the Sunday magazine of “Sangbad Pratidin” on the 1st June carrying vulgar character assassination of great Comrade Stalin, it is against the character assassination of Comrade Stalin and against blackening his impression.

The Second Party Congress which has occurred in Kamalpur, where we unfurled the banner of Chairman Mao’s Thought’s, unfurled the banner of Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao’s Theory of People’s War, by being over there by placing correctly the politics with the peasants that area was created, I will give every credit of it to immortal martyr Comrade Kabul. Therefore the bloods of the immortal martyrs Comrades Lad Hembram, Nirapad Hembram, Haladhar Kisku of Kamalpur is mixed with the bloods of immortla martyrs Comrade’s Kabul – Manotosh – Ramshankar. I have gone there, and have kept the politics. Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder still speaks today, he shows dreams, his language has turned into science. Therefore Kamalpur has rised to the stage of Vietnam, the young – old – women have struggled to protect that small Kamalpur by giving their lives. Therefore today’s day is not only to commemorate Comrade Kabul’s martyrdom, it is also commemorating the martyrdom of those who in the international world has fought against, given lives, against imperialism, against monarchy, against feudalism, against fascism, against communalism. Therefore this martyr day questions if the boys of Saddam in Iraq could swear to burst out being human bombs, we the Comrades of India why cant be a spiritual atom bomb in the struggle to protect Iraq, in the struggle to protect Chairman Mao’s China ? Why should we not have that mentality ? As the blood of martyrs creates new human beings who are one spiritual atom bombs.

The works doing which the fascist B.J.P. government has killed many Muslims that conspiracy is going on by the excavations in Ayodhya. Not of Hindu’s but the agents of Hindu imperialism this New Demon Association – N.D.A. this is Neo Demons Association, they are the touts of U.S. imperialism. The attack on Iraq and the attack on the Muslim brothers of Gujarat are one and identical; it can’t be separated. They are again conspiring to instigate riots, U.S. imperialism is conspiring to make base in India. If they instigates riots, Comrades will prevent riot by giving up lives, the revolutionaries has to stop riots by giving lives. Just as Comrade Stalin has resisted the attack of Hitler in Stalingrad, as Iraq is fighting and Iraq is been created in every where. Today Comrade Stalin is not only in one place, through out the world there is Stalin – Stalin. That is why they are assassinating his character. Red Flag is been burned in Hong Kong, it is not separate. Respected Comrade Saroj Dutta was once a journalist. Journaalist, if you are really a journalist, your task is to present the information by correctly analysing and inventing it. Your journalism must not be the tout of imperialism and its foot lickers. Journalists have too martyred in Iraq. We call them martyr. Therefore those who are writing against Comrade Stalin if you are not picking up pen against them don’t call yourself progressive writer.

Yesterday 1st July Buddhadev Bhattacharya, who is the nephew of great poet Sukanta Bhattacharya, has given garland to Bidhan Roy, that Bidhan Roy who in 1949 crimsoned the streets of that Bowbaazar in the bloods of Latika-Pratibha-Amiya-Bakul of the prisoner release movement. The office of Allimuddin where many martyrs visited, there in that place now Neutia is going, the conference of capitalist Neutia is held. That is why I am saying revisionist leaders see the history of the world, see Indonesia. Present China’s bosses joined hands with Vajpayee, again in China that premiere will give garlands to Gandhi’s statue. If tactics hurts principles, if protocols hurts ideology then that ‘tactics’ is’nt a tactics at all, that protocol is discardable. Buddha babu you can give garlands to Bidhan Roy, we will not give garlands to Indira’s statue, Bidhan Roy’s statue. You have dilluted class struggle and class collaboration. The bourgeoisie too believe in class struggle. But the bourgeoisie don’t believe in the dictatorship of proletariats. Stalin has established the proletarian dictatorship. Therefore the assault is today on the ideology of proletarian dictatorship. Therefore is the character assassination of Comrade Stalin. If Comrade Stalin was not there no one could have protected the Soviet. After his demise Khruschev tried to change the colour of Soviet in the twentieth congress and the colour of Comrades Lenin – Stalin was changed by the arrival of Breznev – Gorbachev. Just alike if today in China the successors of that Liu Shao Chi wants to change the colour of China, can’t we protect that great bastion by giving our bloods ? we can, and can the heroic people of China who are tempered in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution. But the condition is are you ready to give live, give blood.

The present leadership of China is revisionist there performance is strengthening the hands of imperialism. Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao was been murdered. Till Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder was alive they have not given the news of the death of Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder became martyr on the historical 28th July of 1972, after that it was said from China that Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao had tried to murder Chairman Mao. They have not dared to say this news till Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder was alive, they got the courage after he became martyr. Again it has to be remembered that Comrades have martyred in that Tien-An-Men Square singing the Internationale. At first the soldiers have not agreed to fire, but those residing in the leadership of China killed those youths singing the Internationale by a section of soldiers. They were called the agents of C.I.A. Just as once Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, Respected Comrade Saroj Dutta were called the agents of C.I.A. just stamping like that, during the lifetime of Chairman Mao by spreading rumors about his death, by calling Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao traitor you are trying to break the backbone of faith. But your days are concluding. Blood is been shedding in Tien An Men Square. If I say the present leadership of China you are indirectly strengthening the hands of American imperialism. It troubles to say. Where we have shouted China is the bastion of world revolution, China’s Chairman is our Chairman, China’s Path our Path, China is ours too – many Comrades have given lives while graffiting these, there it troubles to say that the present leaders of China are betraying. Then too I will say the bastion of world revolution is China. We the revolutionaries of the world are not alone. Today the question has aroused in the court of the world, are you a Communist or not, are you anti- imperialist or not ? If you are not anti-imperialist then you are not patriot at all. If you fight against imperialism then you are a patriot.

C.P.M. is scrapping the sword of Comrade Stalin today, we will hold up the swords of Comrades : Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin Chairman Mao, Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. Why those leaders of China betrayed ? Because in the Report of Chairman Mao in the Ninth Congress there is that this era is the era of the complete destruction of imperialism, and the worldwide transition of socialism; today colonies are not created, but imperialism is ousted from colonies, imperialism is not developing – to discard this theory in this way they have strengthened the hands of imperialism indirectly. Again too we are unable. The Proletarian Cultural Revolution taught, Fight self, combat revisionism. Therefore the Revolutionary Committee is a gift of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Comrade’s we don’t have any time, already its late for the revolution. Our every Comrade must have to be revolutionary warriors, every Comrade have to be the soldier of the C.P.I. (M-L) under the leadership of Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder. Till now Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder is alive. He is alive, he is alive, he is alive. He is alive within you, within the workers-peasants – people. He has no death. A scientist dose not have death, science dose not have death. Decay is of imperialism. So come on let us search where there is our self interest and let us smash them. Fight self, not fight for self. For one ‘for’ the ideology changes. Therefore make the anti-imperialist struggle more furious, uphold the great banner of Chairman Mao, uphold the great banner of People’s War.

We have differences with those who call themselves People’s War. They are anti – Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. We have difference with the I.P.F. , they are too anti Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. There is difference with those who call themselves Second Central Committee, those who says China is imperialist. We do not agree with them. We don’t have the right to insult the people of China who are tempered in the Proletarian Cultural Revolution, no one has the right. There again the tide of the Cultural Revolution will be created, which is die downed today, Bombard the headquaters will start- as renegade Liu Shao Chi was unhorsed, just alike the present premiere, secretary will be unhorsed by the revolutionary Comrades, people – the disciples of Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao over there. This faith is necessary. I have this faith. Otherwise it will mean attacking the main bastion and strengthening the hands of American Imperialism. Therefore I am saying have faith on Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s Thoughts, have faith on the politics of Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, have faith on this Party created personally by him, have faith on yourself, have faith on the future, have faith that the world will be liberated, this is science. The graveyard march of imperialism has begun. Therefore it is giving its deadly bites before death. We will nail at last this coffin of imperialism, the disciples of Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder will nail the coffins of those Bush – Blair.

Therefore on the questions of principle we will not create any alliance, but if we have to create anti – imperialist United Front by deducting something, then primarily do you believe in Mao Tse-tung Thought or not, do you believe U.S. imperialism as the main enemy of the world or not, India is a satelite of U.S. imperialism and Soviet social imperialism do you believe it or not – if you can accept this three questions, then we have the largeness of mind to make anti-imperialist United Front, without that very largeness of mind it is not possible to become Communist. Therefore the boys of People’s War who gives their lives, who are honest and devoted, I told Comrades to mark them as martyrs. Those who are giving their lives fighting monarchy we call them martyr. What stand Buddha babu is taking on this issue I don’t care to know, but I know those who give their lives fighting monarchy are martyrs though we share differences of opinion with them. Even if any Comrade of the C.P.M. gives live while fighting against capitalists, we call them martyr too. We call Madhai Haldhar a martyr though we share difference of opinion with the S.U.C.

Saddam has got one expectation from China. What errors Saddam has committed this Convention dose not have the right to discuss it. But that deposition of weapons have seemed unmatching in our eyes. Because I have seen before in history when thousands of villages of Telengana were fighting after getting liberated with guns, Ranadive using falsely the name of Comrade Stalin made the surrender of arms, I have seen its result. Likely believing that United Nations, China will prevent the war using veto, after dropping the weapons believing those leadership of China the imperialists attacked. And that Koffi Annan of the United Nations have imparted wrong ideas in Saddam’s mind like if you drop those weapons , then you all will be unharmed. The imperialists still today have not found any weapons in Iraq. But where ! Koffi Annan you have not send any inspector to search the armory of U.S.A. ! You have not seen how much deadly weapons are there in the armory of Blair ! Kofi Annan is’nt your work amounted to the brokering of Bush – Blair ? Imperialism can never become our friend. Without fight against imperialism one will turn towards compromise. Giving up weapons means, surrender means opposing the fight. The assault on imperialism means assault on feudalism and assault on feudalism means assault on imperialism. One is joined with the other. Then if you are really a revolutionary let again arise the years of 70-71. The stream of Volga will not remain standstill, a storm will arise in Yangsee, the water of Bhagirathi will make sound again. Blood of many martyrs will be dropped but revolution will succeed. The world will be liberated. Because the liberation of the world depends on the liberation of the world. The U.S. imperialism is wanting to make the people of that very India cannon fodder. But we will not let the people of India to be cannon fodders.



The Triveni Ghat of Hooghly got crimsoned in the bloods of immortal martyr Comrade’s Kabul (Samsul, Jiten Kundu), Manotosh Chakrovarty, Ramshankar Banerjee on the 2nd July of the year 1974. Standing in the firing squad and knowing that death is inevitable they in a courageous tone replied – we know but will not tell, to the questions of the reactionary Police force. It is beyond measurement how much heroic was their mentality, how much faith they have got for the revolution and revolutionary authority.
Comrade Kabul was the leader of the Party. He was an example in the struggle of establishing class leadership. In the direction and way indicated by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee his true disciple immortal martyr Comrade Kabul has delivered the guidance of Chairman Mao, Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao, Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee to the peasants of Kamalpur. That is why relying on and with the tireless protection and participation of the people of that very Kamalpur the Second (Ninth) Congress of the Party was organized under the personal direction of Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee. Smashing the revisionist conspiracy in the light of the great Ninth Congress of China and of the First (Eighth) Congress of the Party, it has established Marxism – Leninism, Mao Tse-tung Thoughts as our theoretical guide to action. It established this era as the new historical era of Mao Tse-tung Thoughts. Upholding the guidence of Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao it established the politics of the sworn disciple of Chairman Mao Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder as immortal science, which is flying with pride in the hands of Leader of Heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee. That is why when heavily armed organized band of the enemy arrived to crush that Kamalpur brutally, then the heroic warriors of that Kamalpur immortal martyr Comrade’s Lad Hembram, Nirapado Hembram, Haldhar Kisku took over the leadership of the struggle in their own hands by uniting with the masses. In order to avenge the murder of Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao, immortal martyr Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, Party’s leader immortal martyr Respected Comrade Saroj Dutta as well as that of numerous martyrs of India and the world; the youth – old – women of Kamalpur in the conscience of protecting the liberated area developed Kamalpur to the stage of Vietnam with high courage by devastating the enemy proved that every impossible can be turned possible if the leadership of the poor-landless peasantry is established with the support of the correct politics.

That is why the creations of Kamalpur – Kalinagar in the way of Naxalbari – Magurjan has passed on to Ghogi Bariarpur. Therefore while the U.S. imperialism is conspiring to attack great China by making this country their base and to fulfill that lewd goal their paid dogs are carrying character assassination of great Comrade Stalin, then remembering numerous martyrs of India as well as of the world, with those journalists who laid their lives in the soil of Iraq; this Anti – Imperialist Convention is going to take place today by swearing to smash all conspiracies along with destroying feudal rule in the villages of India in the path of agrarian revolution by uniting with the people in the struggle of creating the peasant regime Revolutionary Committee of the dreams of Comrade Kabul and others, and smashing the conspiracy of making imperialist base in India. It is a war – a war without bloodshed.

This month of July is a very sacred month to us. On the historical 28th of this very July apple of our eyes Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has martyred. This month of July proves that in this Party the leader become martyr – the cadre becomes martyr. As Party’s Leader Respected Comrade Saroj Dutta, Comrade’s : Panchadri Krishnamurthy, Nirmala Krishnamurthy becomes martyrs in this Party so do Comrade’s : Swadesh, Kalu, Dallu Mandal, Bikku Mandal too becomes martyrs. That very Party of the martyrs is giving call in this convention of today – Upholding the banner of internationalism, smash all conspiracies of imperialism by uniting with the revolutionaries of the world, build the world in a new way. Only the mindset of martyrs can destroy all conspiracies of conspirators. We believe that the Convention of today remembering the heroic legend of immortal martyrs will turn up to be a convention of unity and victory flared with oath.

Smash All Imperialist Conspiracies Along With Making India An U.S. Base


Today we have assembled in this Anti – Imperialist Convention in such a period when the enemy number one of the world, the chieftain of world imperialism, war monger U.S. imperialism has turned lunatic to make India its base.
India is a semi-colonial, semi-feudal country, a neo colony, the heavenly kingdom of imperialist plunderers. As India is still having military pact with Russia, so do it have many kind of open and hidden settlements with U.S. imperialism too. The U.S. intelligence department is already present in this country. Often military rehearsals are carried on with U.S. imperialism. So, India while a satelite nation of Russia, also is a satelite of U.S. imperialism. Today U.S. imperialism is trying to take the army of India to Iraq. It is because in the present era the imperialists shudder at the slightest movement of leaves. So they bite every time in an unsuccessful attempt to survive. Therefore the frightened U.S. – British imperialists are in an effort to crush all present opposition of the people of the world against the globalization, World Bank, I.M.F, which are the servants to the imperialist interests, and to fully gain control of Iraq after capturing Afghanistan to get rid of their crisis by making use of the surplus weapon cache through war which remains after their weapon business by provocating war among nations, and establishing oil empire. They have thought that the people of Iraq will be tamed after flooding Iraq in blood in such brutal way. They have too declared the conclusion of the barbaric war launched by them with a victorious pride. But the band of stupids are watching with panic the counter strokes of the people of Iraq. They have clearly understood that they can temporarily cheer for their victory, but finally the smile will be of the people. So for the protection of the U.S. – British bandits from that counter bump’s of the people of Iraq the guard of the army of India is needed, it is so because the largest terrorist of the world U.S. imperialism has a wicked design to assault afterwards on Syria, Iran, North Korea . The principle of imperialism is kill all, burn all, destroy all, they are the twin brothers of fascist Hitler. But they must keep in mind that Bush- Blair will be placed in the same rubbish bin of the world where Hitler got room. The tamed servant of U.S. imperialism the B.J.P. government is a party to the conspiracy of sending military of India to Iraq. Advani is going to U.S.A. Vajpayee is going to Chian, conspiracy is going on to suppress Iraq. Others partners have left the responsibility in the hands of the B.J.P. to draw the decision on this issue, this amounts to their surrender in the feet of U.S. imperialism. Another trusted tout of imperialism Congress is for conditional support. Basically they are all one. We are condemning and opposing this conspiracy of sending troops to Iraq.

The conspiracy dose not ends over here. A long period before Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has said that not only all imperialist powers of the world along with the U.S. imperialism are trying to live by exploiting the billions of people of India, they also are trying to use the people of India as cannon fodder to destroy the great Republic of China. So he has said “Chairman’s China may be attacked, quicken the task of the revolution “. Today U.S. imperialism is panicked by the fury and roars of the masses of South Korea, Japan, etc, against the U.S. bases over there, they are panic sticken by the march of the millions of bearers of the banner of great Comrade’s : Lenin – Stalin in the Soviet, they are puzzled in the world wide rise of the anti-imperialist Third Power, which proves that the main trend of this era is revolution. So the U.S. imperialism is thinking it will be possible to bring about an attack on China in its attempt to occupy the world by making base in this vast country India, and turning the people of India to cannon fodder; though those who are today residing in the dominant position of China are the successors of the renegade party-deserter Liu Shaochi. The passiveness of this leadership on the question of Iraq has polluted the prestige of the Communist Party of China created personally by Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. Because we have seen Vietnam. The warriors of liberation of Vietnam have picked up arms against the U.S. imperialism with courage by standing on their own feet and taking the fate of their country on their own hands under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam. This courage had aroused within them from the faith on the people from the faith on Comrade Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam Communist Party led by him, along with the faith on the role of the international leadership of the great China led by Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao, which was a serialization of the faith of Comrade Ho Chi Minh on Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. From this faith they have not fallen in any compromising attitude provocated by revisionism then, they have never dropped the weapons of their hands. Beside the bold leadership of Comrade Ho Chi Minh China too practiced its international responsibility. The relation of China with Vietnam was alike teeth and gum, the whole China was declared as the rear ground of the liberation warriors of Vietnam. That is there is specially a leading role of the national-international revolutionary leadership – authority, without which revolution is not possible, scopes cannot be realized. Therefore Party’s leader immortal martyr Respected Comrade Saroj Dutta has said ” without revolutionary authority revolution is not possible.”

Saddam is not a fundamentalist. Saddam is not a ‘Laden’ . Also he is not a communist. We therefore don’t expect any communist role from him. He had got faith on the effeminate United Nations, using that faith the U.N. with one sideness made Saddam to destroy many weapons of Iraq, helped the U.S. imperialism with the account of Iraq’s strength by spying over it; but let alone the investigation of how much weapons of mass destruction is in the hands of U.S. – British imperialists, they even never took steps against the use of those weapons on Iraq. Also after these Saddam has led against this unfair, aggressive imperialist barbaric war. That is it is to be realized that the character of Saddam is anti – imperialist. Iraq is fighting. The people of every country of the world are also beside the struggling Iraq. We too are beside that Iraq, just as we are beside the people of Afghanistan, though we are anti – Laden. As Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has taught though in first sight internationalism and the principle of Panchsheel looks different, in reality it isn’t so. Then is the role of the present leadership of China not a betrayal to the faith of the people of the world on China ? Have not this role weakened the struggling moral of the heroic people of Iraq and strengthened the hands of the U.S. – British imperialists ? The great Ninth Congress of China has promised to support and cooperate to the struggles of different parts of the world. Today’s incidence is the result of the deviation of the revisionist leaders from that international responsibility by bringing the rotten theory of Third World, and the vulgar advocacy of only non cooperating support to the struggles of masses in every parts of the world. Then too we believe the numerous revolutionaries who are in China are searching the causes of this, and will smash it surely by locating it. Again another unrestfull wave of Proletarian Cultural Revolution will wipe and eradicate those revisionist leadership and will establish China with its glory. The responsibility of strengthening the hands of those heroic revolutionaries of China lies on the revolutionaries of the world. So Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has said ” We will not disintegrate by seeing who are in the leadership of China, rather I trust the people over there, because they are tempered in the fire of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution. I believe what may be the colour of countries round the globe, there are people there, they are revolutionaries, they want revolution.”

So, China is not the China of those handfull of revisionist leadership. China is of numerous revolutionary Comrades and masses who bears the banner of Chairman Mao and Vice Chairman Comrade Lin Piao. The teacher of the Theory of People’s War, the pilgrimage of Proletarian Cultural Revolution China is still the bastion of world revolution and the source of inspiration for the revolutionary struggle of the world before the revolutionary people of the world. Though the bastion is under attack from within, then too it is a matter of panic to the imperialists. Hence imperialism wants to make that bastion to collapse, to wipe away the source of revolutionary struggles around the world. U.S. imperialism is therefore engaged in the conspiracy of making India its base. The communal rioter fascist B.J.P. government is part of this conspiracy, those who are implementing the principle of ‘Divide and rule’ with communal poisonous gas in the interest of imperialism, just as fundamentalism serves imperialism.

In order to fulfill that very vile cause of imperialism, as a part of the vile attempt of breaking the struggling moral of revolutionaries by hammering the place of faith by vulgarly painting the great leaders of revolution. An imperialist tout journalist has came out in assassinating the character of great Comrade Stalin in the “Sangbad Pratidin” of 01/06/2003, just as dead Goyebles may have came out of grave. As Comrade Stalin is still a big factor of fear to imperialism – revisionism and all reactionaries. Comrade Stalin means unconditional faithfulness to Marxism – Leninism, Comrade Stalin means the destructive defeat of associated assault of imperialists, Comrade Stalin means establishment of socialist system, destruction of fascism, Comrade Stalin means brutal dareness against enemies with boundless love for and close integration with masses. Therefore the conspiracy of building U.S. base in India, the conspiracy of killing the people in the grind of globalization, the vile attempt of character assassination of Comrade Stalin, these all are one and their aim is identical – bringing the whole world beneath the toes of U.S. imperialism. Despite these we are saying this era is of Chairman Mao’s, this era is the era of complete destruction of imperialism and the world wide transition to socialism. Imperialist assaults are not going without resistance today. The coming up of the parents of martyr Carlo in this way to the forefront of struggle after his self sacrifice, the self sacrifice of martyr Rachel Kori, the rush of people from the various part of the world to sacrifice themselves to the interest of the masses as human shields against imperialist attack, the tune of unity in the participation of the people of every country of the world in the protesting struggle in the same day against imperialist plunders; even today in order to escape from the flames of struggle the robbers in the plan of robbery has to take shelter in the ruined Porto Karkas fort of Greece – has it been visible before ? In all these we have seen the rising fumes of a Vietnam in each corners of the globe in the coming days, which will burn and ravage imperialism.

The people of the world today wants a bold revolutionary leadership. In this global situation if we could have turned into prairie fire of revolution this India along the path indicated by Marxism – Leninism, Mao Tse-tung Thought’s, with the banner of Respected leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, of Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee, by getting rid of the self interests, weaknesses within us which has become clear these days, then U.S. imperialism would have dared to conspire to make this country its base. No imperialist would have dared to attack China or any country by keeping behind the flaring flames of the revolution of India. Then the scopes which have been brought before us by this new historical era of Chairman Mao, those scopes would have been realized through out the world by the destruction of all conspiracies of conspirators. It is because the liberation of the world depends on the liberation of India. Therefore many responsibilities has came on the revolutionaries of India. Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee has said ” today we must leap in the struggle to protect Chairman Mao’s China, the struggle to protect the world with a mentality alike great Comrade Stalin”. Great Comrade Lenin has said ” to delay means death”. Thus this convention of today swears by turning the spearhead of struggle against the main enemy of the people’s of the world U.S. imperialism – we will give the appropriate reply to the vile attempt of character assassination of great Comrade Stalin, we will smash the conspiracy of killing the people in the roller of globalization, we will at no cost let this country to be a base of U.S. imperialism, we will protect Chairman Mao’s China. This is not only our national duty, but is a sacred international duty of ours. This is also a responsibility of the revolutionaries of the world. We with the largeness of mind, keeping in mind the view point of unity – struggle – unity are extending the hand of unity and congratulating all those who in corners of the world are in struggle against imperialism, exploitation-oppression. History is today calling for larger unity. Despite this if they can make this country their base, then Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder has said it will be not possible for any imperialist to keep this country suppressed. Every corner of India as well as the world is today inflammable. Many new incidents will occur which cannot be asserted before. Infact we are in an epoch. Intoxicated by its power the U.S. imperialism is easing its defeat by distributing its power in different parts of the world. Each steps of imperialists and their running dogs are hastening their day of death. Then also if their base is created in India the struggle of the revolutionaries will be much hard and painful. But that struggle will turn furious with the participation of the billions of people in this era of the victory of the Third Revolution – Proletarian Cultural Revolution by continuous revolutionary by ovethrowing revisionism within – outside in the teachings of that revolution along the way crimsoned by the blood of martyrs. The imperialist base will turn into the graveyard of imperialism. Standing on that very ruins the gift of the Proletarian Cultural Revolution the Revolutionary Committee will unfurl the banner of liberation. Joining hands with the revolutionaries of the world we will paint India and the world in the color of liberation. Red Salute.

Central Committee

Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist )

Personally built by Respected Leader Comrade Charu Mazumder, led by Leader of heart Respected Comrade Mahadev Mukherjee